Let’s Change
the Way We Think About Ageing

Explore, rediscover, and enjoy life the way you wish. Ageing
is no longer a time to retreat and hang up your boots. Make
the older years count. We help you figure out how!

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    Chitra Shankar, Chennai, 65

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Be a happy and healthy you: Fulfil your dreams with us

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Why Join Silver Talkies?

Happiness often comes from the community around us, but social isolation and loneliness can lessen our connections as we age. Make that a thing of the past with the Silver Talkies Club. We believe the older years are an opportunity to rediscover hobbies, pursue long-held and new interests and find new connections. We offer a safe, non-judgmental, and exclusive space for the 55+. Explore exciting activities with us and create meaningful connections with others like you.

Who Are We?

Silver Talkies is an all-women-led organisation. We bring positive change in the lives of older adults with an enabling and supportive space for them to thrive. We are an exclusive community for people aged 55+ for whom ageing is an array of new experiences and learnings. Silver Talkies offers a social networking forum and an engagement and opportunities platform catering to older adults' diverse interests and needs. We will be your biggest cheerleaders through the older years and help you make them fun, exciting, and meaningful.

What Do We Stand For?

Silver Talkies is an inclusive community celebrating diversity and welcoming everyone 55 and above, irrespective of gender, caste, religion or education. We promote healthy ageing and well-being but don't replace professional healthcare or counselling. We believe in creating sustainable social impact, quality, and value and aren't a charitable organisation. Our team of passionate, professional, empathetic, and driven women ninjas are committed full-time and working towards reimagining ageing.

Find New Connections With A Silver Talkies Membership

Hear What Our Members Say

Member Across 15+ cities, 6 City Chapters.

Thanks to our members' support, love, and participation, we are a constantly growing community spread across geographies. Our hybrid model combines online interactions and in-person meet-ups, overcoming geographical boundaries. An inclusive community of diverse backgrounds and cultures, everyone is welcome to join the Silver Talkies Club. The only criteria? You must be 55+. With a Club including homemakers and lawmakers, introverts and extroverts, you will surely find your tribe with us.

Curated Support Network Across Categories

The needs of an individual change with each decade of ageing. We wish to be a solution provider to meet the different needs of older adults and their family members such that you never have to fret in your hour of need. We bring carefully chosen partners and experts to our members to provide products, services and advice at the best prices. Members of Silver Talkies Club also have access to free assistance and support via our strong volunteer network.

20+ Interest Categories to Choose From

Our members value new associations, learning and creativity. Join the Club to meet them across exclusive events, meetups, and workshops. Find multi-city friendships, share your skills with others, discover new hobbies and a support network that has your back. Music lovers to fitness enthusiasts; urban gardeners to craft creators; wordsmiths to bookworms; tea connoisseurs to food enthusiasts – there’s something for every interest at the Silver Talkies community. Our 20+ categories include art and craft, music and dance, fitness, travel, literature, poetry, spirituality, wellness, and more. There is always something brewing at the vibrant Silver Talkies Club!

Testimonials from the Heart

Digital Subscriptions: Quick Refunds, Transparent Pricing

Picture of Senior Citizens from SIlver Talkies

As a digital subscription service, we do not have a shipping policy. Refunds are available within 24 hours of payment and typically processed within 3 to 4 business days. Our subscription options begin at Rs. 4500 annually and Rs. 1650 quarterly.

How Does the Silver Talkies
Club Membership Work?

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Who is a ST Club Member?

A Silver Talkies member is a 55+ with an open mind. Our members believe in leading fulfilling lives with a sense of purpose. They love forging new social connections and pursuing their interests through our online and in-person programs. We have space for quietness too. All we need is an interest and openness to explore and discover the possibilities out there.

What am I supposed to do?

Simply turn up when you can, stay involved in the club activities and stay connected either through our web platform or mobile app. We have various methods for you to connect and receive support, and we are here to help you find the opportunities and interests that are perfect for you.

What is in it for me?

On certain days, you may be the giver, on others, the receiver at the Club, but what remains constant is the bond and encouragement you will discover that will last you a lifetime. And you will always find connections and support.

Silver Talkies Club Membership Benefits

Club Member Guest
Access to Articles in the Digital Magazine
Writing opportunity for the magazine
Community Access
Discussion Forums Unlimited Limited
Interest Groups Access Unlimited Limited
Participation Opportunities
Vocational Opportunities
Member exclusive online events
Members’ meet-ups
Weekly Classes and Learning Modules Discounted Price Full Price
Trips & Travel Discounted Price Full Price
Service & Support Network
Special Offers & Deals from Partners
Access to Experts and Volunteers

Find answers to your
questions here.

The Silver Talkies Club is a group of warm, young-at-heart and spirited older adults. Silver Talkies Club makes it easy for members to stay active, unlock new experiences and make new friends -- all in a warm and welcoming group setting with like-minded silvers. We will be one of your biggest supporters throughout your journey with us.

All 55+ worldwide, with big-hearts and open minds. We are open to all those who believe that growing older is a time to rewire, reconnect and relearn, just the way you want.

Yes, you can! With our virtual platform, seniors can join us from any city. Also, our city chapters facilitate physical meetups for members to meet, interact, share a laugh and stay connected.

Most of our interactions and activities happen online over Zoom. If you have a good internet connection, staying connected and attending all our events is just a click away.

Also, at our city wise physical meetups for members, you get to meet in person and spend time over fun events with fellow members.

With our online activities, seniors from any city across the country and the world can join us and be a part of all the awesomeness we curate for you! We currently have members from Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Dubai, San Jose and New Jersey and are adding new cities on our map every month. Could you be that next happy member?

We also host quarterly physical meetups in various cities for members to meet and connect in person.

Yes, you can access Silver Talkies content and resources on your mobile device by downloading our app. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.
Picture of Senior Citizens from SIlver Talkies

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