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Open only to students who completed beginners batch.

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NOTE: This Tai Chi Yang Style 108 form is only open to students who completed the introductory Tai Chi workshop this April.

The Yang style that is taught by the Kadihai Martial Arts Academy is the most popular style of Tai Chi at the moment.

To complete the full form of 108 movements takes at least 6 to 9 months, depending on the regularity of practice. Learning the form will teach you the best possible way in which to align your body so that your energy will flow unimpeded.

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Divya started learning karate when she was 13 years old and later joined Kadihai Martial Academy to learn Tai Chi under the guidance of Sensei Jaideep Bhale Rao. Kadihai Martial Academy has been founded by Sensei Jaideep Bhale Rao to teach the Martial Arts in the traditional style and fashion of Masters of the past.

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revathi narayanan
27 Mar, 2024

Enriching interaction with Sensei during March. Divya's teaching is excellent. Remarkable patience and firmness with a class of seniors.

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