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Have you ever felt like your body, mind, and soul are out of balance? Do you ever feel as if there is some disbalance in your mental, physical, spiritual, and physical issues? Also, does it sometimes feel as if energy is trapped or blocked inside you and causing more stress? If so, Chakra Meditation is the best way to energize your physical, mental, and spiritual body and ease your stress.

Chakra Meditation is a simple yet powerful meditation that anyone has the potential to practice. It aligns your body, mind, and spirit in harmony. The intention is to stimulate and unblock the energy centers and harness the power of energy centers located throughout the body

If you are curious to learn about this practice and process of Chakra Meditation join Madhu Sharma in this guided Chakra Meditation session. 

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Madhu Sharma

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After a 20-year career as the Head of the Finance Department in Dubai, Madhu Sharma has transitioned into a retired life. However, her journey did not stop there. She has delved into the realm of holistic healing and acquired expertise in various modalities such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy, EFT, and NLP. Now fully immersed in the world of holistic healing, Madhu utilizes her diverse skill set to promote wellness and well-being, providing a range of transformative experiences for those seeking holistic approaches to healing and personal growth. She is also a member of the Silver Talkies Club. 

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