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Its time again for our monthly series in collaboration with the Naturalist School for all nature lovers at the Silver Talkies Club. The Naturalist School is a social enterprise that facilitates government-recognized certificate courses for individuals working in nature such as nature guides, naturalists, interpreters and educators.

This month, we will explore: What does life underwater look like, and how do we begin to understand or navigate it as land animals? This talk will focus on coral reefs in particular. It will attempt to provide a bird's eye introduction to what underwater (scuba) diving involves, what coral reefs are, and how to learn more about what we see underwater. We’ll also discuss responsible diving and citizen science initiatives relating to coral reefs.

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Shreya Rao

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Shreya runs a law practice in Bangalore and is also pursuing a PhD in law. She has been diving for about 10 years now. Shreya says she is not a scientist nor is she anywhere close to an authority on diving or coral reefs, but she is hopeful that her enthusiasm and love for them will be infectious

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