Food for Thought: Tackling Food Wastage Together

A Documentary Film and Discussion on Food Wastage



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We waste enormous quantities of food every day in this country. The statistics are alarming. That’s a big paradox because India has the worlds largest share of hungry people. The food we waste is more than what our starving millions need. We all know this so well.

 Join us to watch a thought provoking short documentary film on wastage. Then let’s discuss, share our thoughts, our best practices (some members may already be working in this space); maybe we can also explore what we can do individually to combat food wastage.

Following the film, our member Nand Kumar will lead an interactive session to discuss various perspectives on this topic. Join us for an engaging conversation!

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Nand Kumar Raghunathan

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Nand Kumar is a communications professional based in Chennai and retired from a  company that was a Swiss subsidiary. He is an alumnus of Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi. He is also a member of the Silver Talkies Club. 

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