Silver Talkies Club at TCS Bengaluru Senior Citizens Run

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Kamaraj Road, Opp Army Public School, Bengaluru


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Guess what? Our awesome Silver Talkies Club members are gearing up for the TCS Bengaluru Senior Citizens Run this April!

We are incredibly proud to see our Silver Talkies Club members lace up their running shoes and join in the fun. It's a celebration of active ageing, showcasing that age is just a number when it comes to staying fit and healthy. Seeing our club members take part fills us with pride as they embody the values of our club and inspire others to embrace an active lifestyle at any age.

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Silver Talkies Club

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The Silver Talkies Club is a group of like-minded older adults across India and beyond who have joined our club because of their desire to age well. The  Club makes it easy for members to stay active, unlock new experiences and make new friends. All in a warm and welcoming group setting with like-minded seniors.

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