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About The Silver Talkies Club

Join the Silver Talkies Club, exclusively for 55+ adults, and activate your social networks for meaningful opportunities. Whether retired or a homemaker, introvert or extrovert, find like-minded individuals and age well together. Experience joy, support, learning, and engagement in our warm and welcoming community.

Discover the Silver Talkies Club for friendship, conversation, and vitality. Enjoy free services as a guest or become a member for learning, support, and participation

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The Silver Talkies Club App allows you to connect with friends, design your activity calendar, discover new ideas and share life updates - all this and more! Access events and classes at the touch of a button; create or join meetups; chat with like-minded friends; browse our magazine; access services and have your daily calendar at your fingertips!

The Silver Talkies App makes it easy for you to add action, fun and friends to your life in a safe, welcoming, and easy-to-navigate setup.

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Read the Silver Talkies magazine to stay informed and inspired by stories of positive ageing

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Watch Our Fun Moments

Find these active agers and more in our Silver Talkies channel on YouTube. Silver Talkies is a social enterprise with an online community of happy, active older adults. Open to all over 55+, Silver Talkies runs a club, events and workshops virtually and brings you stories of young-spirited, vibrant seniors across the globe.

Meet Our Club Members

Silver Talkies Club Members believe in pursuing their passions and living life to the absolute fullest on their own terms. Say hello to some of them

Picture of Ramesh Venkataraman from Silver Talkies

Ramesh Venkataraman, 65

Ramesh heard about the Silver Talkies Club from his friend our pioneer member, Kalavathy, and decided to join! Ramesh is a Finance professional academically and worked for an MNC for 23 years before taking voluntary retirement in 2006 to pursue wildlife conservation. He is a certified ecological restoration practitioner in this second avatar and a Board member of the Society for Ecological Restoration. He runs a nonprofit named Junglescapes for the ecological restoration of degraded forests in Bandipur in Karnataka. His Hobbies include running, traveling, and music.

Image of Rukmani - Silver Talkies

Rukmani Lakshmanan, 62

Raising awareness about financial literacy among India's rural population has been Rukmani Lakshmanan's sense of purpose since retiring as a banker after 36 years. She is on a forever quest for knowledge, which includes her hobbies - reading and travelling. This avid gardener loves spending her leisure hours by listening to spiritual discourses and decoding ancient wisdom

Urmila Ghorpade Picture from Silver Talkies

Urmila Ghorpade, 79

Urmila started attending the online Bhajan classes by Silver Talkies and made many new friends in the class who are also Silver Talkies club members. She absolutely loved being a part of this new circle of friends and decided to join the Silver Talkies Club as a member!
She has a keen passion for music, embroidery, knitting, and crocheting. She loves to travel, spend her time doing social work, and make new friends.

Image of Desikan with two kids - Silver Talkies

V Desikan, 75

Desikan is an enthusiastic retired defence scientist from Bangalore who loves sports. He spends his time playing golf and tennis and listening to Carnatic and Western music. He is also a familiar middles contributor to a leading daily and firmly believes that 70 to 90 years is the best period of one's life. His mantra to active ageing is to enjoy each day as it comes. This avid gardener loves spending her leisure hours by listening to spiritual discourses and decoding ancient wisdom He enjoys interacting with younger people and stays at an arm's length from political discussions that brews negativity among peers.

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