Nidhi Chawla CEO & Co-Founder of Silver Talkies

Nidhi Chawla

CEO and Co-founder

Nidhi Chawla is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Silver Talkies. She leads the business, strategy, social outreach verticals and social engagement initiatives of the organization. She is passionate about making active ageing a viable goal for older people and dreams of a society of empowered older adults. She has several years of experience in the financial services sector, having worked with SREI International Securities and McKinsey & Co. Nidhi has been the recipient of several leadership awards for her work in the eldercare space and is currently a member of the CII Seniorcare taskforce.
When she isn't busy dreaming about the next big idea for enriching the lives of seniors, you will find her flipping through three different books that are always on her table or working out.

Reshmi  Chakraborty Chief Editor and Co-founder of Silver Talkies

Reshmi Chakraborty

Chief Editor and Co-founder

Reshmi Chakraborty is the Co-Founder and Chief Editor of Silver Talkies magazine. She believes in highlighting skill and initiative in older adults, many of whom are discovering new avenues at a later age. Reshmi has worked as a journalist for over two decades. She continues to write for national and international publications and believes in research-based, in-depth reporting.
She loves to travel, attempts to read everything she can lay her hands on and is trying in vain to get over her Netflix and Twitter addiction.

Chitra Nair Chief Community Officer of Silver Talkies

Chitra Nair

Chief Community Officer

Chitra Nair is the Chief Community Officer at Silver Talkies. She implements her creative vision to shape the brand identity, curates events, and handles community relations. Chitra is a former interior designer and has also launched successful startups in the past. With years of extensive experience, an eye for quality, and a sense of style, she possesses an innate desire to create and design ideas that are impactful, can spark, connect and resonate with people.
She loves creating functional pieces of art, exploring delicious healthy meals and swears by Yoga for overall well-being.

Akila Krishnakumar - Advisor of Silver Talkies

Akila Krishnakumar

Our Advisor

Akila Krishnakumar has been among the top women leaders in the Indian technology industry. Her career spanned over 30 years in software product development for financial services and education markets world-wide. Akila was President – Global Technology and Country Head for SunGard (now FIS), a Fortune 500 company, in India. In 2013, she stepped out of her executive position to pursue broader interests and now divides her time equally between the corporate and social sectors. Akila has set up MELA Foundation – an organization to support innovative ideas in the development sector. She is an alumnus of the Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS), Pilani. Akila has won several awards and accolades in her distinguished career and has been listed amongst the ‘50 Most Powerful Business Women in India’.


Rushika Sharma

Lead Business Development

Rushika Sharma is the business development lead at Silver Talkies, known for her keen interest in understanding consumer behaviour and driving strategic initiatives. With a wealth of experience in her field, she brings a determined spirit to utilize her skills in fuelling the growth of Silver Talkies. When she's not busy cultivating partnerships and engaging new members, you'll find her exploring the world through travel, unleashing her creativity in the kitchen, and finding solace in the nurturing embrace of her garden. With an unwavering love for our furry friends, Rushika is an avid animal enthusiast who dreams of opening her own NGO dedicated to their well-being.


Shobha Naresh

Lead Club Experience

Shobha Naresh is the club experience lead at Silver Talkies. She loves to connect with people and with a vast resource pool curates an immersive experience for the members of the Silver Talkies Club. Her zest to create something new and challenging is her driving force. She has been a teacher by profession for over two decades and during this time she has also worked with the youth in various aspects of education through an NGO. This has been her learning ground to practice active listening and empathy. When she is not multitasking, you will find her reading, running, or hiking a mountain. An avid marathoner and a fitness enthusiast, Shobha's mantra is "Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow.