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Warli Art Workshop with Yellow Desk by Vineeta

The Tribal Art Expressing Life through Geometry



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Get ready for an exciting art workshop led by Vineeta!

Warli art is a beautiful traditional art form from India known for its intricate figures and patterns. It is a form of Tribal Art Expressing Life through Geometry.

During the workshop, Vineeta will share interesting facts about Warli art and guide participants through a fun practice session. You'll get to try your hand at creating figures on rough sheets before diving into the canvas.

But wait, there's more! This workshop isn't just about learning Warli art; it's a step-by-step interactive experience. Vineeta will be there every step of the way to help you unleash your creativity!

Plus, get ready to be inspired! Vineeta will also share some cool ideas on how to incorporate Warli art into your home decor.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn and have fun with art.

Members who don't want to follow along can also join and just watch! 

Materials required

1. Canvas - 

Size 4"x4" or 5"x5" as per choice. 

Quantity - 2 or 3 as per choice

2.Paint (Acrylic )- Base paint and paint for the figures

Base paint as per choice

Paint for figures should be white if the base paint is dark and base paint should be black if base paint is light

3. Dori for hanging (1 meter)

Few decorative beads

4. Small size decorative mirrors (optional but prefered)

5. 0 size brush

6. Toothpick

7. Ballpen or early bud

8. Scale, pencil and eraser

9. Fevicol

10. Regular thread matching the base paint.

What's Included

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Vineeta Rao

Host Name

Yellow Desk by Vinnie is Vineeta's brainchild, created with the aim of introducing diverse art forms to those eager to learn.

Vineeta is skilled in a wide array of art forms including Painting (Oil/Acrylic), Wall Murals, Paper Craft, Mixed Media Art, Sketching (Color Pencil/Graphite/Charcoal), Glass Painting, Clay Art, and Wooden Home Decors. Currently, she is immersing herself in the world of pottery, exploring new techniques and honing her craft.

Drawing from her extensive experience in various art forms, Vineeta has adapted to modern technology as a digital illustrator. To date, she has illustrated 8 children's storybooks for a Delhi-based author, with 6 of them already published and available on Amazon.

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