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Silver Talkies in collaboration with internationally acclaimed yoga institute, Yoga Bharati presents Weekly Online Yoga Classes for seniors.
You can join seated on a chair or on a yoga mat.

 Classes by Yoga Bharati are meticulously planned and include:
    - Shaanti Prayer
    - Breathing stretches
    -  Loosening stretches
    - Asanas with awareness 
    - Relaxation and meditation 

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Asha Kishan

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Asha believes in the phrase, Yogah Sarva Roga Nivaranam, and strives to give a holistic healing session to the participants. She has good anatomical knowledge and strives to help participants to focus on alignment, breathing and awareness aspects of the posture. She specializes in conducting therapy sessions for health issues like diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, back and neck issues and scoliosis. 

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02 Jan, 2023

It has helped me to improve the health condition

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