We are Silver Talkies

Silver Talkies is a social impact organisation to enrich and empower the lives of older adults. Our focus on alleviating feelings of isolation through new avenues and connections is what sets us apart. We believe in active ageing and feel that with changing times, ageing needs to be reimagined and relooked at to ensure older adults lead a life that is active, joyous and well.

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Our vision "to build a society where older adults can age gracefully with empowerment and dignity."

Here’s how we do it


We foster thriving social networks and help you find fulfilment and purpose through meaningful engagement opportunities and connections.


We offer new and diverse avenues to explore your interest and skills


We create an enabling and supportive environment for our members and encourage them every step of the way

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Why Silver Talkies?

Research, experts and real-life stories suggest that the way to healthy ageing is to live active and ensure holistic well-being beyond physical health. Emotional and social well-being are intrinsic pillars of healthy ageing. A 2017 survey by Agewell Foundation revealed that every second elderly feels lonely. Second to diminishing physical health – loneliness and lack of engagement opportunities are the key concerns facing an older adult. We firmly believe that active ageing is the most promising and economical form of preventive healthcare and this belief forms the core of our work.

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Our Three E’s

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What if you always have a circle of friends to fall back on? Say goodbye to loneliness. Interact and stay motivated with like-minded older adults in the Silver Talkies Community.

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Gift yourself new experiences in your silver years. From hobbies to holidays, find purpose and new avenues with us.

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Gain the power of informed decision. Stay informed through our talks and reads on relevant issues for older adults, opportunities and services.

Associate with us

If you are a senior with a zest for life looking for new avenues to explore


If you are a senior looking to break free from the shackles of loneliness, isolation, ageism and other age-related stereotypes


If you are a caring child looking to add cheer and years to lives of elderly folks in your family


If you are an organization looking to add value to the lives of seniors with your product or services.

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Our Team

Nidhi Chawla

CEO & Co-Founder

Reshmi Chakraborty

Chief Editor and Co-founder

Chitra Nair

Chief Community Officer

Rushika Sharma

Lead Business Development

Akila Krishnakumar

Our Advisor

Shobha Naresh

Lead Club Experience

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Engage, Experience & Empower!

We love interacting with new people and are always up for new conversations and ideas.

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